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Landscape design is a complicated process where the landscaper works on transforming a client’s dream to an action plan. It is about taking into consideration all five senses. In Motif Design, our landscapers have the ability to look, feel, understand, and talk to the space to be designed. It is our goal to bring life to yards taking into account the factors of temperature, latitude, environment, and season’s climate changes. Our landscaping team takes simple steps to achieve a breathtaking design. Our passion, your inspiration, and our expertise drive the wheel to a unique plan that speaks to your vision. Our work is all about the best interest of our client. That’s why we can schedule the time to his/her best fit.
  • The first step, we collect data from the actual site. It is our guide to the landscaping process journey. In this step, we photograph the scene then we analyze the native flora and the architecture of the place. Depending on the complexity of the location such as climatic factors, our team might take different stages of data collection to be able to come up with the most fitted design.
  • The second step, we create a preliminary design from the collected information through inspection and making use scenarios of similar parameters. Also, we establish a design meets the budget of our client and provide multiple choices as well. The design starts to take the shape combining our client’s vision and our team’s expertise into a visual plan using perspective simulation, general drawings, 3D simulation, and animation.
    • The perspective simulation subjects the design under every element such as night view and climate change.
    • General layouts, it displays the lines and drawing marks to define the geometrics and dynamics of the area.
    • 3D simulation, it talks to our clients, where they can visualize what their dreams is like on reality basis
  • The third step, after approving the preliminary design, we translate those plans into rough detailed 2D design (3D simulation is provided upon request where extra charges will be applied). This step is for our technical team where it defines the architectural and engineering approaches. Landscaping is about conveying the interior to the exterior. In this step, every detail matters where we focus on furnishing, paving, and specimens choice which will compose the looks and feels of our final piece.
  • The fourth step, this is a zoom in on every detail on its own. The pieces will be despatched for a better analyze and perfect execution. It will be a guide for the builders, technicians, and artisans to every step in the process.
By the end of designing the landscape our client will be able to have:
  • Cost studies and budget planning
  • Landscape design and planning
  • Construction documentation
    • Landscape plans
    • Pool designing
    • Irrigation plans
    • Landscape drainage plans
    • Construction details
    • As built plans


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