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After designing the construction details plan, our development team will take the wheel in the landscape journey. We work throughout the Middle East area. Our landscaping construction service is about establishing life, personality, and realism to our client’s space.

  • The first aspect, in the creating stage where our role is to be:
    • the consultant who supports the supervision of each operation from inspection to the final touches.
    • The Contractor who organizes and executes the project. We make use of our partners and collaborators of world class professionals and leaders in their own fields.
  • The second aspect, the lighting installation is as crucial as any other part of the landscape design. It strengthens the emotional, scenic and aesthetic aspects. The lighting isn’t only a feature to see in the dark, but a feature to enjoy your landscape in the night. In Motif Design, we believe in the uniqueness of every project where each reflects the personality of the place and the taste of our client. Therefore we provide custom lighting that goes with the scenery and originality of the landscape.
  • The third aspect, we work towards eco-sustainability that brings life to what we do where we believe in nature, in green, and in beauty. Our evaluation and analyze is the fruit of expertise and the use of technologies. In this aspect, we mix the innovation and modern with what nature taught us to provide the best experience.
  • The fourth aspect, we specialize in aquaculture. Water is essential to all gardens and landscapes. As a design element, water contributes coolness, moisture, sparkle, lightness, depth, serenity, the possibility of aquatic plants and animals, and recreation. It may run through a natural stream and river channels and collect in natural ponds, lakes, and seas, or it may be kept in structural channels and pools, recirculated to avoid waste. In some soil conditions, it may be necessary to seal the bottoms of natural-appearing streams and ponds to hold the water. Under natural conditions, water runs downhill through naturally formed channels and collects in low spots or bowls of firm form. Water also may be pumped uphill or thrown into the air in jets and fountains. Water is used increasingly throughout countries with technically complex artificial irrigation systems, which become distinctive landscape elements.

Our landscaping construction service are

  • Automatic irrigation systems
  • Landscape drainage systems
  • Landscape installation
  • Tree preservation and tree protection
  • Choosing Heat resisting plants (Middle East climate)
  • Live grass planting
  • Artificial grass
  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Outdoor kitchens: (pavilions, wooden arbors, iron arbors, trellises, etc.)
  • Gazebo and Pergola
  • Swimming pools
  • Hardscapes: (Outdoor fireplace, drives, patios, walks, walls, etc.)
  • Landscape lighting
  • House Painting
  • Interlock
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Construction observation and management
  • Aquaculture design (aqua-gardens, waterfalls, water fountains…)
  • Water distillation plants
  • EMP (Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing services)


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