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What makes a difference between a space and another is the way it makes you feel. In Motif Design, our designing team works on delivering that feeling of comfort. Since we believe in the individuality of our clients, we also believe in the individuality of our projects. Our client is our primary partner in any projects because the success of any interior design depends on a well-established relationship. In Motif Design we provide the following
  • Analyse The Brief Our approach invites collaboration and participation of our client. In this phase, the client will outline a brief about the desired looks and feels. It is important to have a detailed data to analyze all the details, so sometimes we ask further questions.
  • Identify The Key Requirements In the second phase, we review the brief and start identifying the most important parts and labeling needs. The work of designers isn't just about decorating a place, but it's about creating a place of a specific context. The context is about the lifestyle and the needs of our clients. For example, having children will require a different approach from a place that only has adults.
  • Visit the site After having in mind all the specifications of our designing context and activities outline of each space, a designer will visit the place to take measurements and notes about the place such as power outlets. Additionally, we photograph the site since the architecture of the place is crucial to the design.
  • Relationship Diagrams Relationship diagram is the brains of the design. In this phase, we give function and direction to every piece of furniture. It is important to design in a way that’s not only beautiful but practical and functional. Our Design is about making it easier and as comfortable as possible to be home. As an example for relationship diagrams, electrical devices be position is near power outlets. This kind of details orients the designer to have a practical design.
  • Concept Design In this phase and after researching previous designs of similarity, the designing team will put a scaled floor plan where the main focus is on the function, the size, and the position. In this phase, multiple choices are delivered to the client.
  • Presentation and Approval As we mentioned, it is important to have a relationship of collaboration between our designing team and the client. After preparing the conceptual design, we present the work to our client to discuss it.
  • Final presentation It’s here where all the fun begins. Our designing team will develop a color palette and choose fabric, paint, furniture, texture and so. This presentation is the fruit of the collaborative work between our team and our client. It will cover all the details about the design and its installation. Samples of materials, paint colors, finish and photos of furniture and accessories. This phase will determine the timeline, the payment and installation details. Every item in this presentation will have a detailed description:
    • Size
    • Material: wood or fabric
    • Finish
    • Color
    • Knobs
    • Quantity
    • Cost
  • Installation and setup The concept will be transformed from papers to reality where our clients can see the place that revolves around their lifestyle and needs. After the installation is all done, we photograph the site and deliver our promise to you.

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