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Exhibit design is one of the most challenging fields where exhibit designers must create an interactive and communicative environment. The aim of any exhibition is to communicate a message to the diverse groups of people in a meaningful way. Exhibition can be categorized as followed:
  • Commercial
    • Trade exhibition
    • Consumer Exhibition
    • ...
  • NonCommercial
    • Museum
    • Art exhibition
    • Themed attraction
Our exhibit designers use different techniques and disciplines to be created the best experience for the audience. Engaging people in interpreting information and understanding a subject necessitate engaging all the senses. That’s why we work with experts from different departments such as architecture, landscape, graphic design, digital media, lighting, and a lot more. The creating of exhibit designs has the following process:
  1. The brief

    The brief will be the contract between the client and the designing team. The client will provide all the information about the exhibition and its objectives.

  2. The site

    After discussing the concept and context of the exhibit, a design would visit the scene and take photos from different angles, take notes about the condition, the space, power outlets…

  3. Exhibition Strategy

    Basing on the storyline that the client delivers in the brief, our teams sits on turning words to a concept and a plan. This strategy will define the components of the exhibition.

  4. Lighting

    Lights have a lot of potential in turning things more exciting and interactive. Depending on the scenery, theme, and audience lights give a psychological sense related to the objectives of the exhibition.

  5. Digital Media

    Sound and image are very powerful. After all, an image with a thousand word and sounds give the audience a sense of belonging.

  6. Materials

  7. Technical Drawing

  8. Construction and delivery


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